Creating Systems


My “systems thinking” approach is a core strength, allowing me to sequence the steps of your most critical business activities.


A system is simply a way of doing something, and you want that way to be smart and efficient.


You don’t need reams and reams of documentation to start seeing results, and once great systems are in place, they can run without you!


Whether you’re starting from scratch, or have some systems in place already,
I can help you Systematize Your Business Today!


  • Business Map of Current Activities
  • Identify and Prioritize Gaps
  • Create Workflows and Document Systems
  • Execute and Evaluate
  • Optimize


Project Management


Sometimes crossing every T and dotting every I, isn’t working.

Imagine the difference it will make when getting things done no longer relies on your limited time.

Now you can get the support you need to move your backlog of projects forward to completion.


  • Access Goals
  • Develop Project Plan, Tasks & Timelines
  • Assign Roles, Coordinate Team
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Track To-Do’s, Files & Expenses


Operations Management


Serving your clients with excellence is the foundation of your business, but often business owners get so busy working in the business, there’s no time to work on the business.


My organizational and management skills allow you to refocus your attention to spend more time with your clients, be creative and hustle new business. There’s still lots of doing, but my primary role is to delegate and manage the day 2 day tasks that support the delivery of your products and services.


  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Management – from draft to delivery
  • Ezines and Newsletters
  • Launches
  • Client Care and Follow Up
  • Invoicing and Collections




I want all my clients to feel like they  made a great choice to partner with me at Virtual Biz Ops. So whether I support you with Systems, Project Management, or Operations Management, a few steps are required in order for me to deliver optimal results.


#1 Discovery + Planning

During Discovery, I’ll be learning a lot about you, your work and what matters to you. I’ll ask the right questions to make sure I understand your vision for the future and where you’re headed. I send all my prospective clients a Business Brief to guide our discussions.

GOALS: Understanding. Alignment.


#2 Identify

At this stage, we will talk about your goals and what success looks like for Systems, Projects or Operations. I like to learn about the big picture, then drill down and identify the critical areas that need attention and prioritize a plan of action with details & tasks.

GOALS: Agreement. Clarity.


#3 Implement

This is the best part – to see your vision come to life!
I roll up my sleeves and get to work managing the details and implementation of our plan of action. I’m engaged and responsive and we will remain in close communication to ensure that the Plans and Quality remain on track through completion.

GOALS: Progress. Results.


#4 Evaluate + Optimize

Throughout the work, upon completion and beyond, I seek to answer the following questions:
How can we get better and faster?
Where can we introduce automation?
Where did we hit some snags?
What did we learn?
How can we improve?
Is this still the best way to do this?

GOALS: Adjust. Refine.